Monday, February 14, 2011

Engineered CAD Solutions Consumer Design Portfolio

6 Dock Battery Charger with Wall Mount

Virtual Microscopy Machine

Handheld Bar Code Reader, Single Button Release

Diabetes Pump Case with Spring Clip, Bi-Directional

Pneumatic Insulin Cartridge Bench Tester

Portable Diabetes Pump

Diabetes Pump Case, Fold Down

Sheet Metal Virtual Microscopy Machine

Economy Virtual Microscopy Machine

Family of Outdoor Lighting Products

Flashlight Surveillance Device, Law Enforcement

Health Care Essential Oil Diffuser and Vaporizer, Aromatherapy

Home Music Remote Transmitter and Receiver

Truck Bed Extender and Locking Tool Box, Folds for Storage

Plumbing Products

Pump Blowers 

Fiducial Dispenser and Base

High Precision Calibration Jig for Automated Qualification

Jig shown holding GCQ Launch Module

Building Design and Build-out

Architectural Drafting and 3D CAD Models

Thank you for viewing a sample of my mechanical design portfolio.  Please contact me to discuss how I can assist you with your product development needs.  

Contact:  Jaime Berndt